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Fates of Ort

Fates of Ort is a retro inspired fantasy RPG with a focus on strategic action and a story driven by player choices. · By 8BitSkull


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Patch - version 1.3.1
Changes * Update: Latest version of LuaJIT implemented. Expect this to solve most Linux specific bugs, along with better performance generally across operating...
3 files — 1.3.1
Patch - version 1.3.0
Changes * Updated behaviour of 'doubling' chests. * Updated level caps in later stage areas. * You now have to face allies to speak to them. * Gamepad: World ma...
3 files — 1.3.0
Patch - version 1.2.5
Changes * Performance improvements in enemy logic. * Added tips on transition between screens. These can be turned off in the visual section of the settings men...
3 files — 1.2.5
Patch - version 1.2.4
Changes * Added gamepad target locking tutorial in Academy. * Fix: Text over chests and rifts was broken in 1.2.3. * Moved position of Tarkumendo fast travel ma...
2 files — 1.2.4
Patch - version 1.2.3
Changes Improved text legibility. Gamepad: Improved menu UX. Gamepad: Added LPad support to menus. Corrected performance improvement to ensure it works on MacOS...
3 files — 1.2.3
Patch - version 1.2.2
Fixes Significant performance improvement Added keyboard shortcuts to dialogue (move up/down to select options, quit to close, use quest item to make selection)...
Patch - version 1.2.1
Fixes Added constraint on gamepad target crosshair so that it can not go off screen. Fix: When settings menu was accessed from start menu using gamepad, SFX sli...
Gamepad overhaul
Gamepad Overhaul The gamepad controls have been overhauled completely. We would love to welcome feedback and bug reports so that we can improve them further if...
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Really cool game! On a Macbook Pro, masOS Big Sur 11.4, sometimes a loading screen between areas will hang forever and I...
started by stumpbeard 78 days ago
4 replies
Hi do you have a demo version of the game available at all?
started by RyanAvx Apr 13, 2020
1 reply