Patch - version 1.2.5

* Performance improvements in enemy logic.
* Added tips on transition between screens. These can be turned off in the visual section of the settings menu.
* Improved gamepad target locking.
* Fix: Gamepad issue when reading journals found on desks.
* Fix: Gamepad toggling of Tarkumendo electrical diagrams.
* Added prompt for using quest items in Academy.
* Fix: Ground tiles were covered by background parallax in Corpah Range, Aster Pien, and Sowoal Treetops.
* Oil fire performance improvement.

Files 282 MB
Version 1.2.5 Feb 25, 2021 282 MB
Version 1.2.5 Feb 25, 2021 287 MB
Version 1.2.5 Feb 25, 2021

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