Void Scrappers is a top-down space horde survival shooter.

This is a demo. Wishlist now on Steam for the full game.

Blast hordes of alien ships into junk. Collect the scrap to upgrade your ship into an unstoppable force of destruction. Unlock new characters and weapons and upgrade your stats between runs.

Collect scrap dropped by your defeated enemies. Use it to upgrade your ship until it becomes unstoppable.

Fight and destroy bosses and grab the weapons they drop. Blast hordes of aliens with various projectiles, explosions and kinetic orbitals.

Unlock new characters with unique abilities and new weapon and upgrade types. Permanently upgrade your ship stats in between runs.

Wishlist the full version on Steam now!

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The movement is rather too floaty. And the web player hitches sometimes.

Is threat level 26 even remotely do-able?

Deleted 1 year ago

Really nice! Cool graphics, fast-paced action, plays and controls fluently, it makes me wanna push onward to get more and more upgrades and that's a good thing! Only thing I'd suggest at this point is to let shield drops appear a little bit more often. I now played around 20 minutes and only then (when I died, sadly) a shield drop appeared. I know there's a also an upgrade to increase that, but I feel it's not nearly enough currently.

But other than that, really cool game!

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did you remove some weapons from the demo???
and some upgrades??

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Yes, we've been making lots of changes and that is one of them! We have also added new things.

love this thing so much! However its a bit too easy once you get to know the game, keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed playing this game. It is a lot of fun to find different builds that could possibly work. But although it is so fun I personally don’t like the fact that the weapons you get are fixed until you have the third, making it much less interesting since you’ll always have the same certain weapons (especially with the low amount of threat levels in this demo). A feature I think would also be quite helpful for players is a menu during the game where you can see all of you scrap upgrades and weapons, allowing some theorycrafting. And last I was wondering how percentage on the x2/x3 chance card works, because even when im over 100% of this card I still wont be able to get a lot of multiplied upgrades. 

Thanks for your feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Note your opinion on the weapon drops. I'll have a think about if this can be improved.

There are menus displaying the weapons and stat upgrades - this will be available in the full version.

The x2/x3 chance should perhaps be re-written. The way it works is that it increases the existing (hidden) chance to draw x2 or x3. For example, if you have a baseline 10% chance to draw an x2 and you have a 20% upgrade, then the amended chance is 12% (10% x 1.2).

I like it, art is good, gameplay is very fun. I don't know if it's a bug, but the cards don't really reset between playthroughs. After my first run, I was buying upgrades for an orbital I didn't own yet.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the report as well. It's not a bug - card draws are independent from weapons, meaning you can get cards for weapons you don't have (yet).

I enjoyed it, keep up the great work. 

Thanks very much! Enjoyed watching the video.

Couldn't figure out how to controle the game.

Can you clarify - did you not manage to start a new game at all, or were you unable to figure out the controls in game? The controls are just WASD/arrow keys, so I am suspicious that something has gone wrong for you.

i assumed that thouse were the keys, however the game did not respond to my inputs, asside thoughs from my mouse.

Addictive like potato chips.  Looking forward to the full release!

I like the game it's fun 


Thank you! And thanks for making the video - it was fun to watch!

Has potential, but the competition would be fierce. There are many games like it, especially considering the horde of similar games Vampire Survivors (a game I'm already not particularly fond of) spawned. Ideally, could be great as Nova Drift, but atm, I'd find Asteroids more engaging than the traversing circles which plague this game and genre. In this case, you simply pick a direction and move in it, until a boss spawns.

Ultimately, I hope the full game will be more entertaining than the demo.

This was a lot of fun. And very addictive too lo.

Thank you!

simply great game!


Thanks! =D